Succeed in IELTS equips learners with valuable tips and strategies to improve listening, speaking, reading, và writing skills to prepare for the IELTS tests. You can tải về the complete set of Succeed in IELTS for free.

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Succeed in IELTS Speaking và Vocabulary

Since Succeed in IELTS Speaking and Vocabulary is published by Global, readers can fully trust the book’s overall quality, easy-to-understand style, & scientific presentation. This IELTS book is organized into sections, each with an introduction, exercise content, và complete answers. Learners will learn to speak naturally in a variety of situations related to lớn 10 different topics.

Right at the beginning of Succeed in IELTS Speaking & Vocabulary you will be guided about the parts of the IELTS Speaking test, as well as useful sharing of tips, and how to avoid mistakes when taking the actual listening test. This section will include 7 chapters, each chapter will include a summary of the entire knowledge as well as a chạy thử to help you self-assess your speaking skills.

In the second part of the book Succeed in IELTS Speaking và Vocabulary pdf, you will find 10 popular topics such as travel, artistic life, culture, và homeland. Huge amount of vocabulary, grammar, và sentence patterns. Will be provided khổng lồ you in each lesson, as well as a basic understanding of the topic. This provides learners with the opportunity to lớn practice & memorize knowledge immediately. Speaking topics are learned through 3 steps Preparing – Taking Notes – Practicing.

Above is an illustrated exam of part 3 in IELTS speaking, including exam questions, tips, 3-step instructions Preparing – Taking note – Practicing effectively, and finally answers. If you have a band lower than 3.5+ you can refer khổng lồ Basic IELTS first.

The Succeed in IELTS book series includes PDF & Audio files, so learners should practice listening khổng lồ the audio first to see how the voice is read & how to pronounce it, then practice (because listening to lớn the audio first will help you visualize how lớn play it). Sound like, so that you can practice along.

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You should refer to lớn the tips shared in the first section, và then apply them to lớn each specific lesson (because if we do the opposite, this will make learners lose more time).

Try to lớn learn 1 new unit every day (this will help you create a habit, from which learning English will become optional và scary).Review old lessons often or you will quickly get used to lớn them.

Find more allies to practice together to lớn improve efficiency! Try lớn practice regularly & apply the lesson khổng lồ life will help you remember longer.

Succeed in IELTS – 9 Practice Test

Pros & Cons of Succeed in IELTS Book Series

Pros of Succeed in IELTS

The book Succeed in IELTS not only shares good chạy thử sets & questions but also strategies & tips through the Exam Guide, helping learners study effectively & achieve better results without causing boredom.

The topics in the book Succeed in IELTS pdf are familiar và close lớn everyday life, so it’s easy for you khổng lồ learn and understand.The reference test questions in the Succeed in IELTS book are quite close lớn the real test, helping you get used to lớn the real test format.