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But first, here are some more examples of this issue:

Failed to connect to lớn a Windows service this problem prevents standard users – This issue usually happens if you’re not connected with your Administrative trương mục.Failed khổng lồ connect lớn a Windows service windows Group Policy Failed khổng lồ connect khổng lồ a Windows service windows system sự kiện notification service

How to lớn fix Failed to connect to a Windows service error message on Windows 10?

Table of contents:

Fix – “Failed to lớn connect khổng lồ a Windows service” in Windows 10

1. Use netsh winsoông xã reset command

In order lớn fix “Failed to connect to lớn a Windows service” error message on Windows 10, you need khổng lồ run netsh from Commvà Prompt. You can bởi that by following these steps:

When Commvà Prompt starts, type netsh & press Enter.Restart your computer và check if the issue is resolved.

Working in Comm& Prompt will be lượt thích a walk in the park with this guide!

2. Use Registry Editor

“Failed khổng lồ connect to a Windows service” error message can sometimes appear if certain registry keys & values are missing, và if that’s the case, you’re advised lớn add them manually by changing the registry.

To vị that, follow these steps:

Once Registry Editor starts in the left pane navigate to:Locate ImagePath value and kiểm tra its data. In our case, Data is svchost.exe cộ -k netsvcs. This means that svchost và netsvcs keys are in charge for this service.On the left pane navigate to:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionSvcHostSelect the netsvcs key you just created, & in the left pane clichồng on empty space và choose New > DWORD (32-bit) Value.Enter CoInitializeSecurityParam as the new for new DWORD & double click it.Optional: Create CoInitializeSecurityAllowInteractiveUsers DWORD and mix its Value lớn 1.Cthất bại Registry Editor & restart your computer.

Can’t access Registry Editor? Things aren’t as scary as they seem. Cheông xã out this guide & solve the issue quickly.

3. Disable Fast Startup

Users reported that Fast Startup option can cause “Failed khổng lồ connect to a Windows service” error message khổng lồ appear, & in order lớn fix this issue, it’s advised that you turn off Fast Startup.

To bởi that, follow these steps:

Cliông chồng Save changes.

Can’t disable Fast Startup on Windows 10? Here is what you need to lớn do!

4. Stop Windows Font Cađậy Service service

According to lớn users, Windows Font Cađậy Service can sometimes cause issues with other services, therefore, you need khổng lồ disable it & delete FontCabít dat files by following these steps:

In the AppData > Local thư mục locate và delete FontCache dat files.

Xem thêm: Hãy Về Đây Bên Anh Nhớ Em Nhiều Lắm, Anh Nhớ Em Nhiều Lắm

5. Go lớn Safe Mode

Few users reported that entering Safe Mode fixes “Failed to connect to a Windows service” error.

In order to access Safe Mode you need to bởi vì the following:

When your computer restarts you should see three options available. Choose Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings. Cliông chồng Restart.After your computer restarts again, you should see list of options. Press F5 to lớn enter Safe Mode with Networking.After you enter Safe Mode, you can restart your computer and the issue should be resolved.

Can’t boot inkhổng lồ Safe Mode? Chechồng out this guide khổng lồ solve the issue in no time!

6. Uninstall Solukhổng lồ & Bing Bar

According to users, certain programs such as Solulớn and Bing Bar can cause this problem, and if you have sầu any of these programs installed, it’s advised that you remove them.

To uninstall certain software just open Settings app và go khổng lồ Apps & features section, find the program and cliông xã the Uninstall button.

7. Disable User Account Control

Users reported that “Failed to connect to lớn a Windows service” error message is caused on administrator accounts when UAC is turned on.

In order to lớn fix this problem we need to lớn turn off UAC, & we can vì that by following these steps:

Clichồng OK to lớn save changes.

Turning off UAC comes with slight security risk, and by turning it off you won’t get any notifications when you make changes that require administrator privileges.

Need more info on UAC? Read this guide khổng lồ learn how to manage it like an expert.

8. Disconnect your earphones before you shut down your PC

This is a peculiar solution, but few users clayên that it works. If you’re getting “Failed lớn connect lớn a Windows service” error, you might want khổng lồ disconnect your headphones before you turn off or restart your computer.

If this workaround works for you, you’ll have sầu khổng lồ repeat it every time you turn off or restart your PC.

“Failed to connect to a Windows service” message on Windows 10 can be troublesome, và if you have sầu the same problem on your PC, make sure khổng lồ try some of our solutions.