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Best for: PC users

Futuristic UI
Many available add-ons
Ransomware protection
Webcam protection
No independent lab results
Shallow e-mail protection
Windows only

What Is IObit Malware Fighter?

IObit Malware Fighter is comprehensive antivirus software that protects your device against the most prevalent cyber attacks và malicious files.

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For example, Trojans, computer viruses, keyloggers, worms, spyware, và adware.

It includes the industry-leading Bitdefender Engine and an enhanced IObit Anti-Ransomware Engine. IObit antivirus protects your data with its combination of sensitive data protection and Safe Box. In recent years, the service has doubled its malware signature database và accelerated its already ultra-fast scanning period by 50%. In this IObit Malware Fighter review, we’ll cover all its outstanding features.

IObit Malware Fighter Features

Few antivirus software come as a full cybersecurity package like IObit Malware Fighter. The pro version has many outstanding security elements and add-ons. For example:

Real-Time Threat Blocking

Most existing IObit Malware Fighter review fail lớn mention this program’s most important aspect: a real-time threat blocker. The added techniques to lớn intelligently detect malware block the most prevalent computer viruses, ransomware, adware, worms, or Trojans.

And it continuously updates its database for the new malware signatures, detecting all kinds of viruses and safely removing them from your system.

Privacy Protection

IObit Malware Fighter comes with an e-locker to store important documents behind a password in a Safe Box.

The IObit ransomware engine adds a second layer of data protection. So, it intelligently detects the presence of ransomware và protects all files on your PC.

Email Protection

While other services often provide spyware detection and e-mail encryption protocols, IObit only offers spam filtering.

The IObit scanner prevents malicious emails from reaching your inbox. It quarantines all kinds of phishing scams & other email cybercrime. In other words, it keeps your data safe.

Powerful Browser Protection

IObit’s Browser Protection warns against phishing websites, ensuring your safety when surfing the web. It prevents malicious files from modifying your homepage or browser settings. The adblocker also keeps ads at bay và clears your cookies immediately.

Security Guards

IObit’s Malware Fighter includes multiple guards that help protect your computer in real-time, including:

Startup Guard - Provides a faster & more secure system startup, preventing it from being changed by third-party applicationsProcess Guard - Stops any malicious programs taking up space in your device’s RAMCamera Guard - Blocks unauthorized applications from accessing your webcamDashlane Password Manager

The Dashlane Password Manager is an add-on for IObit Malware Fighter Pro. Everything you store using this app is encrypted and can only be accessed with your master password. So, your passwords will be safe, even if you thua kém your device.

Bitdefender Engine

Bitdefender partnered with IObit in 2012 to provide an antivirus engine that guarantees lớn detect over 200 million online threats. And together with IObit’s antivirus, this gives you reliable protection with 1/2 faster scans.

That covers the best features of IObit Malware Fighter.

So, let’s take a look at some other essential details.


When thoroughly testing it for this IObit Malware Fighter review, we didn’t find any system threats. The program also scanned our downloaded files & USB inputs for sophisticated malware signatures.

Typically, we refer khổng lồ the comprehensive tests conducted by verified independent labs. But since neither AV nor SE labs have tested this software, we have to lớn rely on our own experience alongside other user-written IObit Malware Fighter reviews. Because Malware Fighter Pro includes the widely renowned Bitdefender Engine, we vì trust its security.

Unfortunately, the program couldn’t detect any issues when running a ransomware test in a simulated environment. As it was a custom piece of ransomware, however, we might let this one pass as we can’t draw any definite conclusions from it. But it’s safe khổng lồ say that Malware Fighter’s zero-day malware prevention isn’t waterproof.

Interface và Ease of Use

We have khổng lồ praise the usability of the software in this IObit Malware Fighter review. The antivirus installation only takes a few minutes. Và - the interface is clean and easy to use.

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Once you activate it with your product key, the premium features are installed. Any issues will be shown on the homepage. Clicking the “Fix All” button performs a quick scan khổng lồ eliminate the most apparent threats in your system.

You can find Scan Options, the Anti-Ransomware Engine, and the Safe Box on the left. & Under the Globe symbol, you can find six nifty features:

Homepage AdvisorDownload ProtectionPlugin / Toolbar CleanerAnti TrackingIObit Surfing Protection và Ads Removal.

You can adjust the Bitdefender Engine và so, view past scan reports under the next tab. Underneath that, you can find all available add-ons, for example:

Software Updater the Smart Defragmentation Tool.

Customer Support

IObit offers multiple customer support streams, including a forum, FAQ, tickets, and phone assistance.

The diễn đàn has other IObit products users who post và answer questions. The website’s FAQ answers the most common questions. If you need extra help, however, you can reach out lớn the official support representatives. They are available 24/7 for pro users and can perform a free diagnosis. Similarly, you can submit a ticket with your query.

We like the forum, although it doesn’t have many active users. So, finding answers in the FAQ or by getting in cảm biến with the team is much quicker.

IObit Malware Fighter Pricing

IOBit Malware Fighter comes in a free and a pro version. The pro version doesn’t have a miễn phí trial, however, you can use the không lấy phí app to thử nghiệm some of its features.

For one PC (windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP), the IObit Malware Fighter 8 Pro comes at $19.95 per year. For three PCs, the price is $23.99/annually.

The không tính tiền IObit Malware Fighter phầm mềm comes with:

anti-malwarebasic real-time threat protectionthreat-detection, email securityDNS Protection.

The pro phầm mềm comes with all IObit features, including auto-updates and 24/7 technical support.

The software also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee if you’re dissatisfied with the experience.

IObit Malware Fighter review - Verdict

IObit Malware Fighter is excellent security software for your PC. It provides real-time protection và having tons of available add-ons like iTop VPN & Dashlane Password Manager. So, IObit Malware Fighter is one of the best security suites we’ve reviewed in 2022.

The ransomware test, however, did miss an issue, showing us the software isn’t fully bulletproof against zero-day attacks. Likewise, we also wish it had more e-mail protection options.

We hope that this IObit Malware Fighter nhận xét gave you a good idea of what the program offers.

But if you believe IObit Malware Fighter isn"t the best fit for your needs, feel không tính phí to kiểm tra our best antivirus list.