The HP Laserjet MFP M129-M134 all-in-one printer has been designed to lớn deliver professional chất lượng output to lớn small office and home users. The features that make this multi-function machine ideal for users are its compact design & its ability lớn print high volume of pages at low costs. This tia laze printer supports wireless connectivity which means you can print, scan and copy documents using your mobile device. However, khổng lồ properly utilize all these features of this machine you must install it by using its genuine HP drivers.

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Therefore, we are providing on this page the HP Laserjet MFP M129-M134 driver download link for Windows, Mac & Linux operating systems. All drivers shared below are fully compatible with their respective operating systems. Apart from the drivers, we are also sharing installation instructions for these drivers and direct links for the HP tư vấn page of the drivers and software supported by this HP all-in-one printer.



Steps to download HP Laserjet MFP M129-M134 Driver

These printers tư vấn all the major operating systems và we have mentioned them in the OS danh mục given below. To download your HP Laserjet MFP M129-M134 driver thiết lập file from this page, you should follow the download steps given below.

From our OS list, choose your preferred operating system.Use the tải về button related to your operating system to begin the download of your driver file.

Driver tải về Links

HP Laserjet MFP M129-M134 driver for Linux, Ubuntu → Not Available

If you don’t want to tải về the driver from here, then you can download the driver from HP official download page. See below on how to vị so.

How to download Drivers from HP Website

If you want to download HP Laserjet MFP M129-M134 software or drivers other than the ones shared above, then you should follow the steps given below.

1. To download the driver directly, visit the HP Laserjet MFP M129-M134 official website.

2. Click on the ‘Choose a different OS‘ link.


3. Click on the ‘down’ arrow below ‘Operating System’ to view the danh sách of OS supported by this printer and choose your preferred OS. We are choosing ‘Windows’.

4. Click on the ‘down’ arrow below ‘Version’ khổng lồ view the OS versions supported by this printer and select your preferred OS version. We are choosing ‘Windows 7 (32-bit)’.

5. Click on ‘Change’ button khổng lồ view the danh sách of compatible software và drivers.

6. Click on the ‘Plus’ sign in front of ‘Driver-Product Installation Software’ option.

7. We have already shared full feature driver above, so let’s see the process to download the basic driver. Click on the ‘Plus’ sign in front of the ‘Basic Drivers’ option.

8. Click on the ‘Download’ button to lớn start the download of your driver. If you want more information about your driver, then click on the blue triangle in front of the driver name.

Although we have shared the download process for the HP Laserjet MFP M129-M134 basic driver, you can follow the same steps for downloading any other software or driver provided on that HP support page.

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How to Install HP Laserjet MFP M129-M134 Driver

Now that you have downloaded the HP Laserjet MFP M129-M134 driver package you should read the installation process before installing this driver. Doing this will allow you lớn avoid printer driver installation mistakes which are commonly made by other users.

1) Install the HP Laserjet MFP M129-M134 printer using the driver package

We are sharing the installation process for Windows 10 computer, but you can use the same steps for other Windows OS as well.

1. Locate the downloaded printer driver file & double click its executable file khổng lồ start the installation. Choose ‘Run’ button.


2. Wait for the extraction of driver files.


3. Click on ‘Continue’ to proceed.


4. Click the kiểm tra box to accept the agreement và then choose ‘Next’.


5. Wait until the installation of Basic Device Software is completed.


6. Choose ‘USB – Connect the device to this computer using a USB cable’ option, then click on ‘Next’ button.


7. Connect your printer with your computer using a USB cable. If you don’t want to vị this now, then choose ‘Continue the installation without connecting now, I will connect the device later’ option. Then, click on ‘Skip’ button.


8. Finally, click ‘Finish‘ to complete installation.


That’s it. You can connect your HP Laserjet MFP M129-M134 printer with USB cable và use it later.

2) Installing HP Laserjet MFP M129-M134 Printer Using INF Driver

To install this printer with its HP Laserjet MFP M129-M134 INF driver tệp tin you should read the printer driver installation guide shared below. Carefully follow the instructions given in the guide for proper printer installation.

How lớn install driver manually using basic driver (.INF driver)

Toner Cartridge Details

This HP tia laze printer uses one đen toner cartridge. The standard sized đen (HP 17A – CF217A) toner cartridge can print up to 1600 pages per cartridge.

Is your printer mã sản phẩm number driver not listed here? Try DriverFix to tải về and update the driver manually không tính tiền of cost.