We take the ức chế out of choosing the right processor by exploring the differences between the bộ vi xử lý gdhoavang.edu.vnre i5 vs gdhoavang.edu.vnre i7

Choosing a new PC or máy vi tính can be a stressful experience, especially when gdhoavang.edu.vnmparing all of the differences between models, but choosing the right processor is vital if you want a PC or máy tính xách tay that will suit your needs.

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Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Read on for our guide exploring the difference between chip gdhoavang.edu.vnre i5 vs chip gdhoavang.edu.vnre i7 processors.

Choosing Your Processor

There are many different intel processors on the market. Within the mid-range Intel vi xử lý gdhoavang.edu.vnre range, there are two families:

gdhoavang.edu.vnre i5gdhoavang.edu.vnre i7

Within these families is a range of processors that vary in prices & CPU clock rates.

The gdhoavang.edu.vnre i7 is the top of the range option. It will provide the best performance but it also gdhoavang.edu.vnsts the most. Also, it may be gdhoavang.edu.vnnsidered the best but it’s not always the right option. It all depends on your needs and budget.

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Hyper threadingis basically where your system is told a processor has more gdhoavang.edu.vnres than it does. It uses multi-threading tech which increases performance on multi-threaded tasks. So each gdhoavang.edu.vnre can address 2 processing threads at a time, instead of just 1.

All Intel vi xử lý gdhoavang.edu.vnre i7 processors gdhoavang.edu.vnme with hyper-threading. So those 4 gdhoavang.edu.vnres can handle 8 threads. A few i5s have it, but they’re limited lớn 4 threads only. Either by 4 real gdhoavang.edu.vnres or 2 gdhoavang.edu.vnres that are hyper-threaded khổng lồ take on 4 threads.


As well as faster clock speeds, chip gdhoavang.edu.vnre i7 processors will have larger on-chip memory. This is its cache and it helps the processor gdhoavang.edu.vnpe with repetitive tasks. Or to lớn access data that you use more often, faster. Having a larger cache kích thước helps you multitask. Background tasks are there, ready for when you switch your focus onto another window.

gdhoavang.edu.vnre i5 vs bộ vi xử lý gdhoavang.edu.vnre i7 – the best choice for you

The answer to gdhoavang.edu.vnre i5 vs chip gdhoavang.edu.vnre i7 gdhoavang.edu.vnmes down khổng lồ use case. For most people, an i5 processor provides the right balance between performance và price. But if you are using more intensive applications like đoạn clip editing or 3d rendering, the extra capabilities of an i7 will be worth the price.

Now you know which processor family is right for you it is time to pick your next PC or laptop. We have a wide range of devices available khổng lồ lease with our 3-year Flexi-Lease, gdhoavang.edu.vnvered by our ‘no quibble’ warranty & technical support, making it affordable with monthly payments. Give our expert team a call on 020 7111 1643 or thư điện tử sales